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Importance of Dedicated Educators

Most of us remember that special teacher that caught our attention and imagination.  Studies have shown that after the parents in the home, the single most important factor in a students success is the teacher in the classroom.  That's why putting our funding into recruiting the best educators is one of my top priorities. We need to retain our passionate faculty.  Their enthusiasm in the classroom and in the preparation of their lessons is what will continue to make Fallbrook Union Elementary School District a top-notch district.  

We also need to strongly support our Classified staff; as they are a key link to the success of our students. 

First-Rate Curriculum and Smaller Classes

We need a first-rate curriculum, selected by the teachers, to challenge our students with the cutting edge material they need.  We need to look at class size. Research has shown that one of the best investments of our limited funds is to keep the classes small, especially in the early years.


Board members need to be fiscally conservative to insure the success of our district. As a board member  we should insure all expenditures are necessary and that they directly support the education of our students. 

Our student's needs are often greater than our funding. As a board member I would like to research other ways to support our students, so teachers are not spending  their own money to insure their students have what they  need to be successful. One idea is though a Foundation. This would allow our community to provide financial support and volunteer support.

Local Control Accountability Plan Annual Update (LCAP) 18/19

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